Some photos of my neighbors - Kristin and Gavin

I'm testing out a new feature of Picasa - uploading a web album / slideshow to a site. I took these photos the other day after seeing Gavin scooting around on his tricycle - I knew there were some good potential shots just waiting to be had! It was really touching to see Kristin's face as she watched her son. She said she felt grungy but she looked beautiful - just the expression on her face, looking after her son. I'm glad I got to take these pictures.

Kendra and Holly

Speaking of dogs (as in my last post) - I just got a great doggie photo-op last weekend. While driving through Oakland, I saw an open house sign and decided to take a peek at the listing. The house was cute, but what was even cuter was the dog that was sitting outside (who was named Holly - she belonged to a gal named Kendra who lived next door). I think I must have squealed when I saw her. She looks like a Golden Retriever with little Corgi paws. Omg she was so cute it hurt. I asked Kendra if I could take a few photos (I have to show my friend Gaylen, who is a big Corgi fan) and then while I was at it, asked Kendra if she wanted a few photographs with her dog.

It's not uncommon for me to take a photo of someone whom I've just met, when they're with their pet, if I think it would make a nice photograph. I mean, if I have my camera with me, why not? I wish I had more photos of me and my dog Coco, when she was still alive, so I think this is part of the reason I enjoy doing this for people.
Thanks Kendra for letting me post these. I'm flattered that you might want to use one for your Xmas card!

Lookit those little Corgi paws!!

Gotta Love Dogs!

Although I am only able to have kitties right now, I have to admit - I've always been a dog person at heart.

When I was a teenager and early adult, my family had the most wonderful dog named Coco. She was a German Shepherd / Airdale mix, and I still miss her. I put her through doggie training school when I was 19, and I used to take her for long walks around my hometown of Kahalu'u when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Coco was like a best friend to me, and ever since she passed away, in 1999, I have had this thing with dogs, where my heart just lurches when I see one... I always want to give them a big hug!

I was just dogsitting for my neighbors, Kristin and Brian. Their dog is named Bodie and he is soooo cute and funny, it's ridiculous. So much cuteness rolled into one little ball of a pug. Pugs are kind of funny looking but that's part of their charm. And those grunting noises they make! They are a riot!

Anyway, this is Bodie, and I'll include some other photos of dogs that I've taken over the years. It sure does help to have a professional (fast snapping) camera when taking animal pictures!


Parker and Nikki, my favorite German Shepherds, whom I get to dogsit for on occasion:

Good Doggies!!!



"Mr. P"


I also love to photograph people with pets. I know that for many people, their pets are their kids. Thanks to Rebecca for letting me post these photo I took, for her website:

Below are some pics of Angela and Miska, right after she got him. When she told me she was adopting a new puppy I really wanted to take some candids right away, because I knew he wouldn't stay that tiny for long! I'm so glad I got to take these photos (and Angie I can't wait to photograph your wedding - I feel super honored that you asked me!).

Angela and Barzel with Mishka:

Angela and Mishka at the dog park - they grow up so fast!

Audrey and Angus

Angus belongs to Kristen - a good friend of the family, and is the same age as Audrey, 
so they're like siblings : )

If you are looking to take some dog photos (or pics with any other kind of pet), 
contact me at 650-260-2269.