Family Photo Time w/the Montgomerys

I had a great time taking Christmas card photos for Jen and her family. They gave me so many great shots, it's hard to decide which ones to put on here! The kids had some cool ideas for poses as well. Sometimes, when someone in the group has a lot of ideas, the other people (especially when it's a parent) start looking kind of embarrassed, like, Oh my god, we are so sorry, we know you probably don't like being told what to do. But I don't really mind. I've gotten some GREAT shots from other peoples' suggestions, so I just roll with it.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day:

It was a great day. Thanks to Mary and Aidan for some fun, creative ideas, and to Jen and Mike for being such troopers and laying down on the stillalittlemuddy grass! : ) Well done, team Montgomery!

Tis the season - It's Xmas Card Time!

Here are a few xmas card samples I made recently... Thanks to everyone in the photos below for letting me use your cute pics.

I'm doing a Christmas Card / Family Portrait special this month - just $99 for 25 professional, high quality prints, viewable and downloadable via a Flickr link. You can use the files to create your own prints via Shutterfly, Costco Photo, Snapfish, Picasa, etc.. If you need help with this I can show you how, or do it all for you for $25 (fee for one hour) + the cost of individual prints (which are 13 cents each through Costco right now).

If you're interested just let me know. Thanks! And Happy Holidays everyone!!