A Night at the Baseball Park

I was fortunate enough to score some baseball tix for a Giants vs. Dodgers game a few weeks ago (thanks to Mr. Roberts, the big boss at the company I worked at) and ran into Alex, one of the sweetest gals who works at the company I was temping for. She was there with her husband and son and a few friends. It would always warm my heart to walk past Alex's desk and see all the photos she had of her family, and when I saw how cute her son was being with his Dad, I could not resist taking a few more to give to Alex. I love it when I see kids being really affectionate with their parents. They grow up so quickly, it's nice to be able to capture some of those sweet, candid moments on film. I have a few really nice candid pics of my father with his Dad (my Grandpa), and also some of him with his Mom (my Grandma), and they are among my most cherished photographs. So I like to take "parent and child" photos whenever I get the chance!

I am also wanting to schedule something with Alex and her son. I know they will be sooo cute together. I've wanted to do Alex's pics for a while now. They were sitting too close to get good shots at the ball park because I only had my macro lens with me, and you have to be at least a few feet away to get a good pic, but I look forward to doing Alex's pics one day. I know she and her son will look beautiful together.

Here are some more pics from our evening at the ball park. I am so glad I had my camera with me. Thanks to Alex for letting me post these on my site!

I love how you can see the smile on Alex's face while she's looking at her boys! : ). I made these last 2 pics a little smaller because they were a little more grainy than the others. I can't wait for the day where I'm able to afford a camera with 3200 ISO!!

And, just for fun, I would be remiss not to include a photo of the guys I came with. Unfortunately I missed getting a pic of my friend Karen but here is one of the dudes... what a fun night!